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Spring: Steelhead and Spring Salmon

April: Steelhead & Salmon – The weather continues to warm and fresh runs of steelhead continue; many rivers have fresh fish with the spring thaw. Big Kings (Springs) begin migrating and kicking anglers butts. Fly fishermen may also enjoy smaller streams with fresh spring-run steelhead.

May: Steelhead & Salmon – Spring flowers and fresh, hot steelhead continue to arrive through the end of the month. As the water begins to rise, more and more Springs (Kings) are hooked, excellent water for the hardest fighting fish you can imagine.

Summer: King, Coho, Chum, Sockeye & Pink salmon; Steelhead

June: King Salmon – Big Springs continue to move into more and more rivers as melting snow triggers migrations. Gear fishermen enjoy strong fish in spring water.


July: Salmon: King, Sockeye, Pink; Steelhead – Warm weather triggers the biggest Kings of the year to migrate into the Skeena and its tributaries. This is excellent fishing for the big Kings; 50+ pound fish will challenge your skill. Sockeye and Pinks are fun variety as well. Fresh summer Steelhead begin to show in the lower Skeena. This is a great time for a family fishing vacation, many methods for young and old. Fly fishermen enjoy great variety and excellent fishing as the water drops and clears.

August: Salmon: King, Coho, Chum, Sockeye, Pink; Steelhead – All 5 species of wild pacific salmon are in the rivers, providing great variety. Schools of summer steelhead migrate up the Skeena towards their native streams and high mountain lakes. Fly fishermen enjoy the great variety of salmon and prime-time steel heading on the Skeena and Copper rivers with exciting dry fly action. Also a great time for a family vacation, learning how to use a bait-caster or chugging a spoon. A remote wilderness camping adventure is an option; see our Explorers Adventures for details.

Autumn: Steelhead, Coho (Silver) Salmon

September: Steelhead & Coho salmon – These fish move into more and more rivers. As bright fall colors appear, Coho enter their native streams bright and fresh from the ocean; Steelhead are aggressive and strong. Fly fishermen can experience the exciting take when skating a dry fly for steelhead, feel the awesome strike when swinging a greased line, or strip a seam for Coho. Spoon and jig fishing are exciting in the Skeena and many tributaries.

October: Coho & Steelhead – Fresh schools of Coho and Steelhead migrate through the Skeena and into the tributaries. The biggest Coho of all, the Northern Coho, is native to the Skeena region and provides the chance for a 20+ pound catch. Fly fishermen swinging an egg-sucking leach or skating a bomber will bring awesome strikes.

November: Steelhead & Coho – Steelhead are staging in the tributaries for winter. Fresh steelhead bound for the Copper, Kalum and other tributaries migrate up the Skeena. Some beautiful spawning colored Coho, with a few chromers, are a bonus. The water clears again as snow covers the mountains. Swinging an articulated leach or casting a spoon can be very effective, a beautiful time of year to fish in classic steelhead conditions.

Wild Bull Trout, Cutthroat, Rainbows and Dolly Varden provide added action and variety all year.


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