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Terrace BC is located amongst a vast variety of coastal rivers and is blessed with some of the best wild salmon and steelhead fishing in the world. Close to the coast and protected by maritime air, fishing remains excellent most of the year. Steelhead provide great sport from March through November. Chrome-bright iridescent springs (King salmon) are available to the angler mid-April into September. Some of the worlds largest salmon and steelhead are found in the Skeena River and it’s tributaries.


Widely regarded as the worlds best freshwater sport fish they feed and fight aggressively with long runs and giant leaps. They’ll even take a fly skated on the surface. Skeena River steelhead are wild natives that average about 10 pounds with 20 pounders not uncommon and a few tipping the scales at 30 pounds or more. The Skeena River fish are some of the worlds largest. The Terrace area receives a summer, winter and spring run providing almost year round fishing opportunities.

Chinook Salmon

Also known as King salmon and Spring salmon, it is the largest Pacific salmon, ranging from 20 to 80 or more pounds. In 2001, a 99 pound Chinook was caught and released in the Skeena River. Wild Skeena River salmon migrate more than 500 miles and they originate from dozens of different tributaries providing a long fishing season and a wide genetic variety.

Coho Salmon

Also known as Silver salmon, they provide fast action fishing with powerful runs and acrobatic jumps. Wild northern Coho found in the Terrace region are some of the largest of the Coho species. Fish weighing 25 pounds or more are not uncommon.

Pink Salmon

A large hump on the back of the males give this species the nickname "humpies". The most numerous of salmon, they migrate in vast schools providing fast action fishing. Running 3 to 7 pounds, they are often caught in great numbers.

Sockeye Salmon

Beautiful fish with silver scales and rich red flesh; they are regarded as one of the best tasting salmon. Their size runs 4 to 9 pounds and, pound for pound they are considered one of the hardest fighting salmon.

Chum Salmon

These hard fighting brutes are surprisingly powerful. Weighing 10 to 20 pounds, they are another exciting to fish to catch.

Dolly Varden, Cutthroat and Bull Trout

These wild native fish are all present year round, providing excellent sport.


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